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Grandma's Magic Scissors          Winner President's Book Award 2007
Paper Cutting from A-Z                                                                         Winner IPPY Highlighted Title
by Linda S. Day                                                                                 ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist
                                                                                                                 IPPY Honorable Mention

Grandma's Magic ScissorsFor nearly 50 years Grandma has entertained children and adults alike with the magic of her scissors. Grandma's Magic Scissors has over 100 patterns along with detailed directions on how you can take a blank sheet of paper and create art that will produce hours of pleasure. Nowhere will you find more diverse patterns in a single book than within the 160 pages of this book.

ISBN 1-890905-68-2
8.5 x 11
160 pages

Price: $14.95


What others are saying:

Seeing Grandma in action is magic. Her book will provide hours of fun for the novice though the expert.”   —Paula Kalinoski  Red Ink


“Wow! What a useful book for teachers. I have tried in the past to cut out simple designs on my own and went crazy. Grandma’s Magic Scissors makes it so easy. I even have my students using Grandma’s patterns and finding magic in their own scissors.”   —Libby DeHoyos  Baltimore County Public School, Educator

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